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We’re on a mission to prove that insurance innovation is more than just a possibility: it’s happening here and now!  With a little bit of fresh thinking – and taking inspiration from both inside and outside of insurance – an industry stalwart is just as capable of starting a mini-revolution as a start-up.




Inspiring journeys and challenging visions


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Day 1
02 Oct 2017

A changing insurance world I Digital trends disruptors must embrace – Big Data, AI, Robotics, IoT and Blockchain

KEYNOTE The world of insurance is changing beyond recognition, and digital is playing its part! This session will highlight five key trends which now determine how we can reach the...
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Xavier Anglada

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance – how to drive automated continuous learning

KEYNOTE One of the most poignant trends out of the big 5 is AI – and it’s upon us with a strong likelihood with it taking force within the next...
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Michael Natusch

InsurTech is here! What is the impact for you?

PANEL SESSION Technology is constantly changing businesses, our lives and the world, so take a step back and reflect on what emerging technologies could mean for you. Some we’re just...
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Nameer Khan
Dr Robin Kiera
Dave Harris
Michael Natusch

What are investors and incumbents looking for? Collaborate or compete? The power of partnerships

3 KEYNOTES – 3 VIEWS What are the challenges? How should incumbents respond? The view from the ‘Investor’  Collaborate or Compete? The view from the ‘Insurer’ and the ‘Startup’ PRESENTATION | MICHELE...
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Kamal Hassan
Michele Grosso
Françoise Lamotte

An InsurTech state of mind – how to think in an entrepreneurial way

KEYNOTE The head of the fulcrum of insurTech Startup encourages insurers and reinsurers to take on a new way of thinking, using lessons learned from the new breed of industry...
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Nektarios Liolios


KEYNOTE An Elseco Case Study. Investing in innovation – talent and technology
Ali Asghar